Thursday, January 7, 2010

POA Continued

Perhaps the greatest pleasure in all this has been getting to know the fine gentleman who lost everything, including the house I'm trying to buy. You hear stories about angry foreclosed homeowners tearing the plumbing out of the walls or eating a bushel of asparagus and urinating on the wall to wall carpeting.

Well not here. I can't believe how nice this guy is being. He's a true mensch. As I said previously, NY State requires it's own very special power of attorney agreement. It has to be signed and notarized by the tax payer, then signed and notarized by the tax payer's representative.

The other, equally burdensome, POA that was enacted in NY State for other POA situations just won't due. Another few days burned up on red tape.

But the pleasure of it was another chance to chat with My Man, the guy with a big heart who lost it all.

Beginning to prepare my brief against Bank of America. Googling which House Subcommittee is supposed to provide oversight. What's the best email address for President Obama? Who's my Congressman?

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